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Hello World!

Dear Internet users: My name is Patrick Miess. I have been a tech here at Access Security for over three years now, and am really excited over our new website launch! With the new website our goals are to;

Provide excellent product information for new and existing customers

Provide information of our company to allow an easy and comprehensive method to contact us

Provide our existing customers with a method to view their alarm system data.

To briefly summarize what we hope to accomplish in Southwest Washington: Using technology to help a diverse population and their needs.

We specialize in Honeywell Alarm systems and Access Control systems, and comprehensive video systems. We differ from other alarm companies in that we are proud to locally serve Lewis and surrounding counties, and we don’t use contracts. We hope that a personal touch will be refreshing in a day and age of corporate call centers.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us today! Remember to look for the next blog post from Pat Kunkel next!


Tom Kunkel – 10/05/2016

I manage Access Security, Inc. and Access Monitoring, Inc.  We serve Washington State Counties: Thurston, Lewis, Grays Harbor, Pacific, Cowlitz and Clark.  We have been installing and servicing Honeywell Intrusion Equipment since 1989.

Consider that your home or business had a small, undiscovered, fire that grew out of control.  The entire structure was lost as well as all the contents, furniture and treasures.  Assume we’ve known each other for a long time.  Now, walk with me down the road into the future.  You turn and look back at the mess where your building and life once thrived.  The burn smell still fills the air.

You ask, “Tom, did I miss something?  Was there anything that I could or should have done to prevent this awful fire?”  “Sure, I say”, trying not to sound like I told you so, “Friend, the cost of monitored fire protection is literally pennies per day.  Not only that, savings on insurance can be as much as 20% annually.  If you had it to do again, I’m sure you would have taken action before you became a victim.”

Your thoughts and comments welcome.

Look for the next edition of WHY MONITORED FIRE ?…coming soon.