Posts made in December 2016

Fire Awareness

When we met a few weeks ago, in my first blog posting, I shared that one of the focuses of our business is providing people situational awareness – whether in their homes or business.


As we experience the winter months the potential for fire while combating the cold, at your home or business, is increased.

When was the last time you really looked at where you live or work for fire hazards?? . . . we often get so used to our day to day circumstances that we accept, without thinking, the oily rags on the garage floor – or the stack of newspapers in the laundry room or the cardboard, in the shop, waiting for the recycler.


Starting points for home and business fire prevention awareness:


*Know how to contact your local fire department

*Replace frayed cords and do not place wires under rugs

*Install ground fault circuit interrupter outlets especially near sources of water

*Never leave candles unattended    *   Keep fireplaces/chimneys clean and cover with a screen

*Keep space heaters out of walking paths and away from combustibles

*Unplug appliances when not in use  *  Never leave the stove or oven unattended

*Have a fire exit plan with at least two escape options, a place to meet safely outside, and practice.

*Have and maintain smoke sensors in all areas of the building  * Have and maintain carbon monoxide sensors


In your area of influence  or home or work . . . find all the things you can do to eliminate fire risks . . . it will be a blessing not only to you family and friends but those you don’t yet know.

Remember, that a monitored alarm system with smoke sensors will minimize injury and property loss by bringing the Fire department, at the earliest possible time, in the event of smoke and fire.


Do you have ideas to share? . . . your input might be a key in preventing a fire – it will be one less family that faces heartache and tragedy.

Honeywell Lyric Controller

Hi Friends! Yesterday I had the privilege of installing Honeywell’s brand new ‘Lyric’ alarm panel. If you know me at all, then you probably know that I can’t get enough new technology. I’m currently on an Amazon hiatus, since it is the Christmas season and “I can’t keep buying things for myself or there won’t be any gift options for other people to get for me”, or so my wife says. On most other times of the year though the UPS driver knows me by name and I keep him plenty busy.

Un-boxing any new piece of tech is always so exciting for me. It might not be that way for people who are daunted by the huge learning curve that most of the new gizmos come with, but I see that as part of the fun. A big reason of why I love my job is that I get the opportunity to be on the front lines of ever-changing electronics, and get to know products backwards and forwards. If you are tech savvy, let’s dive in to some of the great things about the new Lyric Panel, and why I’m putting one in my home (after Christmas).


The Lyric includes everything that the past LYNX panels featured; wireless sensors, all-in-one control, touch screen, remote access… The only feature that was removed is: the phone line hookup. Our industry is coming to a “lets face it” time of constantly dealing with phone line issues. Your issues include: the panel dialing on a phone line while you’re using it, and the insecurity of exposed phone lines being tampered or cut. Our issues include: Limited panel placement due to phone line access, phone line quality not sufficient to download information from your panel to our office, and shaky reporting reliability. Don’t get me wrong, living in rural Lewis County, sometimes internet or cell signal is unavailable, and a phone line is better than nothing at all, but moving forward, you and I should invest our time and money into technology that is moving forwards, not backwards. The Lyric doesn’t contain a way to dial over the phone line, BUT, it takes alarm reporting to a level we haven’t seen before.

In the past LYNX panels were very bare bones. if you wanted to add WiFi, z-wave, or a cellular radio, you essentially had to call a technician. The Lyric has incorporated z-wave and WiFi into the panel already, and has made an easy-access slot for a cellular radio of your choice(Verizon or AT&T coverage).

With a new panel Honeywell has introduce a new form of communicating with sensors(door contacts, motion detectors, smoke detectors, etc…). “SiX” technology allows the sensors to communicate with the panel, and the panel to communicate back. Bi-directional communication with the same battery life (3-5 years) is a huge step forward in these sensors, with the ability to view signal strength and exact battery voltage at any time at the panel or online. SiX wireless will also cover double the range of older style sensors. If you have an older panel and want to upgrade? The Lyric supports all of your old sensors as well, so no need to replace everything.

The Lyric also supports voice commands such as “bedtime” or “welcome home” for easy control of your alarm systems of “scenes”. Some of the scenes that I set up yesterday were: when “Armed Away”  the thermostat turns OFF, the lights in the building turn OFF, and the ASI (armed status indicator) turns ON. Upon a “Disarm” the thermostat comes back to 72°, the lights turn on, and the ASI turns off. Integrating all these features into one simple action when coming and going is one of the best features of this panel.


If you’re in the market for an alarm system, choose the Lyric. You won’t be disappointed.