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This spring are you interested in having fun and saving money at the same time?

Today there are home improvements that save you money, give you peace of mind and make you smile.

Enjoying the spring?  When you are out having fun, would you like peace of mind, knowing your home and pets are protected AND that you are saving money?  You CAN save money while protecting the ones you love, your home and your personal property.

Something revolutionary is happening with the new technologies available to protect your home or business.  More features and savings are becoming available every day.   Monitored fire and intrusion protection has historically provided saving money on Home Owners Insurance policies.   Now the opportunity for savings is even greater.

The latest alarm systems bring continuous savings by controlling heating and cooling of your home or business.   Z-wave programming and smart-phone technology are the keys.  Using these technologies through your alarm control maximizes savings on environmental cost control year round.  It’s easy and convenient.

Z-wave also allows for many useful home automation features, remotely view multiple cameras on multiple  smart phones PLUS thermostat control, right in your hand, 24 hours a day from anywhere in the World.  Even get a TEXT or email messages about almost any activity happening in or around your home.   All this while your home is actively protected with the highest quality fire and intrusion equipment.  Saving money this way is smart AND fun.  Laugh all the way to the bank!

Concerned about your pets or if the children are home from school on time? . . . now checking is easier and more secure than ever.   Access information and video immediately from your smart phone.  Big BONUS, save energy dollars everyday.

Need more information . . . let us help you Feel Safe Again.

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