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Why am I here? You were created to be where you are and be at this particular place and time.  Who am I?  You are a creation made as an image of your Creator.  When?  Your Creator exists without time. He sees before, during and through the end of time. He was there before the Big Bang. And, He has known you from the very beginning. Your existence has always been known to Him. Great Power? We all have one power, our greatest power, that is actually more powerful than any other personal power. With it, we make everything happen that we are responsible for and capable of doing. What is that Greatest Power? Ask hundreds, or thousands or tens of thousands. Almost no-one can tell you. Isn’t it alarming that so many people have so much power, really powerful POWER, yet they can’t tell you what it is? It’s your Power of Choice. Too easy. Too simple. Yet right there it is. Undeniable. Unarguable. It’s greater than any individual, yet we each have tremendous amounts of it. Like gravity, electricity or the atomic “strong force” within nuclei. Yes, the Power of Choice is our Greatest Power. Something Special! Unlike some other powers, the power of choice cannot be turned off. It can only be ON. If you elect not to decide an issue, you are using that Great Power. If you abuse your Greatest Power ten times or ten times ten thousand times, you still have the same enormous amount you started with. Your Greatest Power can’t be created or destroyed. You can use it, but never use it up. So What? Here’s the “so what”! Start thinking about the existence of your Greatest Power today. Start learning how to channel and control the greatest power you will ever know. You have the complete and final say about all that you decide. You can change nearly everything about you, the people around you and the World that we all live in. Writing by Lia Shapiro “As in a dream, anything at all is possible. So shall you think, so shall it be. It is a simple matter to think things into existence”. Decide, consciously, to decide! It is a simple matter. Create a clear mental picture of what you want to have happen next. Make sure it has temporal existence, or that you know what will happen when it arrives. Simple? Very! Can you do it? Absolutely. Your Creator gave you your Greatest Power. He also gives many examples of how and how NOT to use it. “Knock and it will be opened to you” and “ask and you will receive”, “seek and you will find”. But in every case, you must first decide. You must use your Greatest Power. You can choose to study and learn about The Creator, or not. You can decide to never to decide, but you just used it. You can’t NOT use your power. Or, you can decide to love those around you, or not. You can decide to talk, silently or audibly, to The Creator. Remember, He is timeless. He is with you every second of every day. He hears your laughter. He hears your cries. He knows everything about you. How you feel. What you fear and what you hope for. He inspired and commissioned that 66 love letters be written to guide you, to educate you. To teach you about Him, His Son and His Spirit. Miracles are done (past and present) to show you that He is here. The Creator built each cell in your body, in your brain, every hair. He created air to breath, water to drink, sun to keep you warm and gravity. Oh yes, gravity. With it we stand. With it the Sun and Moon hold their places. And with it, the seas rise and fall making life possible to live. The Creator. He stands at the door, waiting. Will we let Him in, into our hearts, into our hopes. That is a decision we must individually make. No one can make it for us. You have the power. The Greatest Power. The Creator continues providing all that life requires. His Eternal Hope is that we not be lost from Him. He made us for Himself, that we should want to be with Him throughout Eternity. Will we open the door?
Please hear my prayers Oh God, Creator, and know the depths of my soul. Strengthen my courage, that I decide YES.
Thank you God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Spirit. Amen.

Was this LIFE QUESTIONS – Issue #5 worth your time to read? I really do hope it is. Will you share it? Will you tell others of their Greatest Power? I pray YES. As a business owner, I have to make decisions many times every day. Some are trivial, others are SINK or SWIM issues. My wife, Pat, and I have been working together to serve others for more than four decades. Becoming fabulously wealthy was never our goal. Now well into our “golden” years, we see what we are taking to our next residence. It isn’t money. It isn’t furniture, or cars or my precious guns. It is the wealth in service and friendships we have laid up. We hope that what we believe has been seen by those we serve and those who call us “family” and friends. That’s our net worth. For several years we have added a simple message on the back of our business cards. It says, “We act on what we believe. I believe God is good all the time.” We are not professionals in the industry of faith. We are amateurs without formal training lacking Earthly leadership. God gave us a good and proper measure of our Greatest Power. Please feel free to hold us to His Standard that we try to follow. If you know what we believe, you can better predict how we will act. God’s Word teaches us, from the mouth of Jesus, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”[John 15:13].


TOM KUNKEL – President & GM – Access Security, Inc. & Access Monitoring, Inc.