Posts made in July 2017

Summer is officially here –

Here in Southwest Washington we have had hints of summer during late spring . . . a time of outdoor fun, but also an opportunity for intruders.  We leave our windows open for the cooling breeze and at the same time put out the welcome mat for unwanted visitors.

Honeywell alarm systems now allow you advance control – including the traditional system features that reports fire or intrusion – the latest Lyric Gateway panels allow you not only alarm protection but serve as a central hub.   Use it for your lifestyle management to control your lights, locks, thermostats and more.  Thermostats, used properly, will pay for themselves and all the Lyric equipment by saving valuable energy.  The system is simple but flexible.

Discovering and reporting fire at the earliest stage is the next best thing to preventing it altogether.

Smell it?
Hear it?

Plug and play computer technology is long established and now Honeywell has brought it to the world of alarm controls to enhance the situational awareness  you need for practical protection and peace of mind.

The Lyric family offers heating control, water leak detection, fire and security.   All of which can be controlled remotely using the Lyric app. The app knows when you’re home or away [geofencing technology].   Control your Lyric devices from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.  Lyric & Gateway = easiest & smartest way to save money while protecting your  home or small business.
Enjoy your summer – let us help you with your security, lifestyle management, peace of mind and fire protection.

Until next time.