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Want to “FEEL SAFE AGAIN”? [video]

In past posting I have talked about situational awareness and protection for your home or business from fire and intrusion. So often the people we meet who are looking for solutions have been victims. They want to “Feel Safe Again”. Is that still possible?

An old adage says “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. How true that is!  The victims we meet are angry and scared. They want to get even. Husbands fear for their wives. Parents worry about children’s safety. What they really seek are solutions THAT WORK.

SOLUTIONS THAT WORK: Is there cost for alarm monitoring and/or video surveillance? Yes. Do you need to learn how to make technology work for you, so reliable protection and reaction can provide that “Feel Safe Again” condition? These costs are the “ounce of prevention”. Peace of mind is the “pound of cure” along with both large and small savings. Savings like reduced Home Owner’s Insurance cost and the mega-cost of an unreported fire or carbon monoxide release. And what’s it worth to be able to check (by video on your smart phone) on your children or trusting pets? These are huge returns for your “ounce of prevention”.

What are these “pounds of prevention” worth? If you could go back in time to just before the BIG FIRE, Home Invasion, Burglary, Medical Emergency can you see that the outcome would have been very different with early detection, instant SIREN RESPONSE and immediate dispatch of local Fire, Police or Medical response? Yes is the only answer. “YES” happens with an ounce of prevention, thoughtfully applied before the problem. Absolutely YES!

Human nature leads us, our neighbors and family to think “it won’t happen to me”. Facts and reality paint a different picture. Insurance Companies are in business, betting with the odds, just to provide protection AFTER THE FACT. So, why do Insurance Companies offer substantial discounts to people and businesses who protect themselves from potential losses? Because their insured losses are reduced by more than the discount they offer. They know, absolutely, that fires WILL happen and that homes WILL be broken into and that people WILL need Medical Services. They don’t know who, when or where. So take protective action before the BIG EVENT – don’t become a victim.

Such a precious journey we walk with the ones we love. What can you do as a homeowner, parent or grandparent to protect your family?  What can you do for your business? Not just to protect the assets and inventory but what of the people you employ? Ultimately, personnel is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Protecting not only the person, but the opportunity, and a good employee’s ever-increasing value is smart business.

What happens next? That’s up to you – it is your choice! And, choice is your greatest power. This website has information and we are available to provide you with information for what will work for you . . . no obligation, or cost, but information. Knowledge is power – choose to step into that power whether it benefits our home or business.

Your thoughts and comments appreciated – until next time . . . Pat

.…everything but the smell….don’t let this happen to your loved ones!