Posts made in September 2017

Autumn is here

For those of us in Southwest Washington, the last few months have been dry and smoky with unprecedented high wild fire hazards.

We pray that you and your families are safe.

Although the weather, today, continues with summer heat, autumn is just around the corner. A great time to evaluate
If you have read the introduction to this blog within a minute – there have been 4 burglaries in the United States. Actually, the number is closer to five. Yet, we all sit back and think it will only happen to someone else.

At that rate, there are approximately two million burglaries in the United States each year – about two thirds are residential break-ins.
Insurance companies discount their rates to homeowners who have monitored burglary/fire alarm systems. The insurance companies factor that you are about three times more likely to be the victim of a burglary without a monitored alarm system.  Penny Wise?  Absolutely!  Compare the cost of a fire....or no fire!

We have shared in previous blogs – fire has no conscience – you can deter a burglar with an alarm system but fire doesn’t see any barriers.
As we prepare for the coming change in the weather, let’s evaluate our potential for hazards.  Have we cleaned our chimneys and fire places? As we put away fans and take out area heaters are they safely plugged in and place away from flammables? Have we checked our smoke detectors and have fire extinguishers that are current and ready/handy to use? Do we maintain a fire barrier outside our home and have combustibles safely stored?

The preparations in equipment and maintenance you make today, will be an investment in your family and home providing protection for fire or intrusion.
As a Honeywell centered company we are trained to provide the latest in fire and burglary detection equipment and service from simple to complex.  Whatever your needs.  We will work to earn your trust and exceed your expectations while protecting your investment in your family and home.

It is back to school time – join us in being aware of children, school buses and school zones – let’s help the children of our community have a safe school year.

Please contact us for suggestions and an evaluation on better preventing losses.