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Wireless Networking

Access Security-
You might know us as an “Alarm Company”, and while that is technically true, an “alarm” can be a broad term today. Our company does our best to define what we do as “Using technology to help people in any way we can”. As technology advances and changes we need to adapt and learn new products to integrate to customers.

Most places in Lewis County are accustomed to some sort of internet access. Many places in town now have fiber optic connections, making us more connected than ever. This rise in “data” connections has led us to sell more and more IP cameras. IP cameras are great because they communicate on a customer’s network, and are usually PoE (Power over Ethernet), eliminating the need for multiple wire runs. IP cameras also have far better quality and capabilities than the traditional analog cameras, such as analytics, better license plate capture, and far higher resolution.

I’ve found that cameras that are “wireless” or Wi-fi, typically don’t have the same reliability, range, or quality that Ethernet, hard wired, cameras have. This causes the continued need for running wire. Sometimes customers have multiple buildings that they need cameras recording, which means that a separate internet connection, or underground burial is necessary to record that camera.


Enter PtP Wireless Networking.

Ligowave products are POINT to POINT wireless networking, which is extremely reliable and fast. We have several businesses now that are able to add cameras in their parking lots, or separate buildings because of this technology. Using iPoll Technology Ligowave can make point to point connections at full bandwidth as far as 50 miles! Read about iPoll here.

What’s great about this technology is that it transmits and receives the complete network, which doesn’t need to be JUST cameras. VOIP phones, computers, printers, and anthing else IP will be compatible.


So, how can we make this technology work for you? Do you have an out building or a shop that you’d love to get wi-fi to? Do you have a business that is paying for two separate internet lines? Let us know how you would use a network link!