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My last message started “SOMETHING OLD and SOMETHING NEW”.  Today, January 2nd, 2019 I am very pleased to follow-up with “SOMETHING TRIED and SOMETHING TRUE

24×7 Monitoring: Save Life & Property !

Change  is  inevitable.   Nothing stays the same forever, except God’s Love.  After more than 30 years of doing business on a “hand shake only” we introduced Service Agreements last year.  We are pleased beyond words to share that 100% acceptance and application happened by those we serve.  We managed to confuse a few very nice folks, but in the end all questions were answered, the “tees” crossed and the “eyes” dotted.    Insurance   companies and lawyers are happier.  We want to be of service.  We want to help our clients be more successful by reducing and managing risks (fire, burglary, medical or industrial systems management).  We want to provide video equipment and methods that help reduce loss and allow better control.

From the last blog:  “Now back to the blessings one more time. Words cannot describe how much the trust our clients place in us means. Taking care of the business opportunities and responsibilities, well, that’s business. However, when we think of what that means, that we are trusted with so much, so much that is really important, things and people that cannot be replaced, that we help people Feel Safe Again, we are truly humbled! Thank each and everyone of you for that trust. Our combined pledge is to never violate that trust. Never fail to meet or exceed your expectations. We give thanks to The Creator for all the grace he showers on us. We do pray for those we serve. Thank you for that privilege.”

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