My last message started “SOMETHING OLD and SOMETHING NEW”.  Today, January 2nd, 2019 I am very pleased to follow-up with “SOMETHING TRIED and SOMETHING TRUE

24×7 Monitoring: Save Life & Property !

Change  is  inevitable.   Nothing stays the same forever, except God’s Love.  After more than 30 years of doing business on a “hand shake only” we introduced Service Agreements last year.  We are pleased beyond words to share that 100% acceptance and application happened by those we serve.  We managed to confuse a few very nice folks, but in the end all questions were answered, the “tees” crossed and the “eyes” dotted.    Insurance   companies and lawyers are happier.  We want to be of service.  We want to help our clients be more successful by reducing and managing risks (fire, burglary, medical or industrial systems management).  We want to provide video equipment and methods that help reduce loss and allow better control.

From the last blog:  “Now back to the blessings one more time. Words cannot describe how much the trust our clients place in us means. Taking care of the business opportunities and responsibilities, well, that’s business. However, when we think of what that means, that we are trusted with so much, so much that is really important, things and people that cannot be replaced, that we help people Feel Safe Again, we are truly humbled! Thank each and everyone of you for that trust. Our combined pledge is to never violate that trust. Never fail to meet or exceed your expectations. We give thanks to The Creator for all the grace he showers on us. We do pray for those we serve. Thank you for that privilege.”

Access Security, Inc.
Access Monitoring, Inc.


Access Security, Inc.
Access Monitoring, Inc.

Change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same forever, except God’s Love.
In the next few weeks we will be asking all of our Security Monitoring Clients to approve a new, simplified, Service Agreement. This is something that we have been avoiding for years. Our business model is built on trust and service, not legalese. However, times “they are a changing”. The new simplified Service Agreement contains our “legal” obligations to our Central Station clients and theirs to us. The new agreement is what’s new. The “Something Old” is the unchanged policy that allows any client, to cancel service at any time and for any reason. The cancellation clause will be boldly identified and placed near the bottom of the agreement. The agreement may have an automatic continuance or renewing clause, but the client’s right to cancel will be there and we will honor it. One of the people who many of you know from our founding back in 1998 is my son, Cliff Kunkel. Blessed fathers with sons who share the dream and do the heavy lifting of starting businesses are, indeed, blessed. That’s me. A really blessed father. I’m also a blessed husband of 43 years with my beautiful wife, Pat Kunkel, our Office Manager. We have continuously shared the dream and work of these businesses in Washington State since 1976. My blessings don’t end at the family edge. Four years ago I was blessed with the opportunity of working with Patrick Miess. Patrick has a really nice mother and father. Otherwise, if possible, Pat and I would be trying to buy him for ourselves. Many of you have had the opportunity to meet Patrick. If you haven’t, I hope you do. Being an Eagle Scout says a lot about Patrick’s values. But a wonderful combination of having intelligence, work ethic, uncommon common sense and shared faith, added to the Eagle Scout and Faith Leader give clarity to the person and values Patrick brings to work every day. Many of you are served by our Admin Assistant, Mary. Heading into her sixth year with us, Mary continues to shine. In all our years, we have never had her equal in terms of honesty, dependability and trustworthiness. Those qualities, honesty, dependability and trustworthiness are what is so rare and important today. We are blessed with our seasoned, dedicated staff. Now we have a new trainee, Cody, working with Patrick. Look for him. He too is a person of very high integrity. I’m opening up, publicly, our staff for a reason. All of us will be involved in the introduction and processing of the New Service Agreement. When it is finished and ready for distribution, you will be contacted for best (easiest) delivery and approval. Cliff Kunkel has a lot of experience dealing with just this sort of process electronically. The rest of us will make delivery as needed including here at the office (fresh coffee), at your residence or, if commercial, where our service is received or by US Mail. Whatever works.

Now back to the blessings one more time. Words cannot describe how much the trust our clients place in us means. Taking care of the business opportunities and responsibilities, well, that’s business. However, when we think of what that means, that we are trusted with so much, so much that is really important, things and people that cannot be replaced, that we help people Feel Safe Again, we are truly humbled! Thank each and everyone of you for that trust. Our combined pledge is to never violate that trust. Never fail to meet or exceed your expectations. We give thanks to The Creator for all the grace he showers on us. We do pray for those we serve. Thank you for that privilege.

Tom Kunkel – GM


For December and January looked like Southwest Washington was going to miss winter except for the rare white Christmas.

Now the crocuses, daffodils and tulips have started popping out of the ground and are now covered with snow    and trying to keep growing in sub-freezing conditions.

Those sub-freezing temperatures have us turning up our thermostats and supplementing our heat with electric heaters.  Definitely a time for caution that we don’t create an unnecessary fire hazard.

Honeywell alarm products have progressed to a whole new generation not only fire and burglary protections but diverse environmental control.  You can control lots of things in your home with your smart phone in hand and watch what is happening all with the click of a button.

Control your thermostat, turn on lights, see what is going on with in your home [watch your pets too!!] have remote entry/exit management . . . all in your hand whether you are across the street or around the world.

Stay safe as winter comes to a close.  Please watch for new blog posts as the season changes.  We look forward to the opportunity to be of service

Wireless Networking

Access Security-
You might know us as an “Alarm Company”, and while that is technically true, an “alarm” can be a broad term today. Our company does our best to define what we do as “Using technology to help people in any way we can”. As technology advances and changes we need to adapt and learn new products to integrate to customers.

Most places in Lewis County are accustomed to some sort of internet access. Many places in town now have fiber optic connections, making us more connected than ever. This rise in “data” connections has led us to sell more and more IP cameras. IP cameras are great because they communicate on a customer’s network, and are usually PoE (Power over Ethernet), eliminating the need for multiple wire runs. IP cameras also have far better quality and capabilities than the traditional analog cameras, such as analytics, better license plate capture, and far higher resolution.

I’ve found that cameras that are “wireless” or Wi-fi, typically don’t have the same reliability, range, or quality that Ethernet, hard wired, cameras have. This causes the continued need for running wire. Sometimes customers have multiple buildings that they need cameras recording, which means that a separate internet connection, or underground burial is necessary to record that camera.


Enter PtP Wireless Networking.

Ligowave products are POINT to POINT wireless networking, which is extremely reliable and fast. We have several businesses now that are able to add cameras in their parking lots, or separate buildings because of this technology. Using iPoll Technology Ligowave can make point to point connections at full bandwidth as far as 50 miles! Read about iPoll here.

What’s great about this technology is that it transmits and receives the complete network, which doesn’t need to be JUST cameras. VOIP phones, computers, printers, and anthing else IP will be compatible.


So, how can we make this technology work for you? Do you have an out building or a shop that you’d love to get wi-fi to? Do you have a business that is paying for two separate internet lines? Let us know how you would use a network link!

Autumn is here

For those of us in Southwest Washington, the last few months have been dry and smoky with unprecedented high wild fire hazards.

We pray that you and your families are safe.

Although the weather, today, continues with summer heat, autumn is just around the corner. A great time to evaluate
If you have read the introduction to this blog within a minute – there have been 4 burglaries in the United States. Actually, the number is closer to five. Yet, we all sit back and think it will only happen to someone else.

At that rate, there are approximately two million burglaries in the United States each year – about two thirds are residential break-ins.
Insurance companies discount their rates to homeowners who have monitored burglary/fire alarm systems. The insurance companies factor that you are about three times more likely to be the victim of a burglary without a monitored alarm system.  Penny Wise?  Absolutely!  Compare the cost of a fire....or no fire!

We have shared in previous blogs – fire has no conscience – you can deter a burglar with an alarm system but fire doesn’t see any barriers.
As we prepare for the coming change in the weather, let’s evaluate our potential for hazards.  Have we cleaned our chimneys and fire places? As we put away fans and take out area heaters are they safely plugged in and place away from flammables? Have we checked our smoke detectors and have fire extinguishers that are current and ready/handy to use? Do we maintain a fire barrier outside our home and have combustibles safely stored?

The preparations in equipment and maintenance you make today, will be an investment in your family and home providing protection for fire or intrusion.
As a Honeywell centered company we are trained to provide the latest in fire and burglary detection equipment and service from simple to complex.  Whatever your needs.  We will work to earn your trust and exceed your expectations while protecting your investment in your family and home.

It is back to school time – join us in being aware of children, school buses and school zones – let’s help the children of our community have a safe school year.

Please contact us for suggestions and an evaluation on better preventing losses.

Want to “FEEL SAFE AGAIN”? [video]

In past posting I have talked about situational awareness and protection for your home or business from fire and intrusion. So often the people we meet who are looking for solutions have been victims. They want to “Feel Safe Again”. Is that still possible?

An old adage says “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. How true that is!  The victims we meet are angry and scared. They want to get even. Husbands fear for their wives. Parents worry about children’s safety. What they really seek are solutions THAT WORK.

SOLUTIONS THAT WORK: Is there cost for alarm monitoring and/or video surveillance? Yes. Do you need to learn how to make technology work for you, so reliable protection and reaction can provide that “Feel Safe Again” condition? These costs are the “ounce of prevention”. Peace of mind is the “pound of cure” along with both large and small savings. Savings like reduced Home Owner’s Insurance cost and the mega-cost of an unreported fire or carbon monoxide release. And what’s it worth to be able to check (by video on your smart phone) on your children or trusting pets? These are huge returns for your “ounce of prevention”.

What are these “pounds of prevention” worth? If you could go back in time to just before the BIG FIRE, Home Invasion, Burglary, Medical Emergency can you see that the outcome would have been very different with early detection, instant SIREN RESPONSE and immediate dispatch of local Fire, Police or Medical response? Yes is the only answer. “YES” happens with an ounce of prevention, thoughtfully applied before the problem. Absolutely YES!

Human nature leads us, our neighbors and family to think “it won’t happen to me”. Facts and reality paint a different picture. Insurance Companies are in business, betting with the odds, just to provide protection AFTER THE FACT. So, why do Insurance Companies offer substantial discounts to people and businesses who protect themselves from potential losses? Because their insured losses are reduced by more than the discount they offer. They know, absolutely, that fires WILL happen and that homes WILL be broken into and that people WILL need Medical Services. They don’t know who, when or where. So take protective action before the BIG EVENT – don’t become a victim.

Such a precious journey we walk with the ones we love. What can you do as a homeowner, parent or grandparent to protect your family?  What can you do for your business? Not just to protect the assets and inventory but what of the people you employ? Ultimately, personnel is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Protecting not only the person, but the opportunity, and a good employee’s ever-increasing value is smart business.

What happens next? That’s up to you – it is your choice! And, choice is your greatest power. This website has information and we are available to provide you with information for what will work for you . . . no obligation, or cost, but information. Knowledge is power – choose to step into that power whether it benefits our home or business.

Your thoughts and comments appreciated – until next time . . . Pat

.…everything but the smell….don’t let this happen to your loved ones!


Summer is officially here –

Here in Southwest Washington we have had hints of summer during late spring . . . a time of outdoor fun, but also an opportunity for intruders.  We leave our windows open for the cooling breeze and at the same time put out the welcome mat for unwanted visitors.

Honeywell alarm systems now allow you advance control – including the traditional system features that reports fire or intrusion – the latest Lyric Gateway panels allow you not only alarm protection but serve as a central hub.   Use it for your lifestyle management to control your lights, locks, thermostats and more.  Thermostats, used properly, will pay for themselves and all the Lyric equipment by saving valuable energy.  The system is simple but flexible.

Discovering and reporting fire at the earliest stage is the next best thing to preventing it altogether.

Smell it?
Hear it?

Plug and play computer technology is long established and now Honeywell has brought it to the world of alarm controls to enhance the situational awareness  you need for practical protection and peace of mind.

The Lyric family offers heating control, water leak detection, fire and security.   All of which can be controlled remotely using the Lyric app. The app knows when you’re home or away [geofencing technology].   Control your Lyric devices from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.  Lyric & Gateway = easiest & smartest way to save money while protecting your  home or small business.
Enjoy your summer – let us help you with your security, lifestyle management, peace of mind and fire protection.

Until next time.






Why am I here? You were created to be where you are and be at this particular place and time.  Who am I?  You are a creation made as an image of your Creator.  When?  Your Creator exists without time. He sees before, during and through the end of time. He was there before the Big Bang. And, He has known you from the very beginning. Your existence has always been known to Him. Great Power? We all have one power, our greatest power, that is actually more powerful than any other personal power. With it, we make everything happen that we are responsible for and capable of doing. What is that Greatest Power? Ask hundreds, or thousands or tens of thousands. Almost no-one can tell you. Isn’t it alarming that so many people have so much power, really powerful POWER, yet they can’t tell you what it is? It’s your Power of Choice. Too easy. Too simple. Yet right there it is. Undeniable. Unarguable. It’s greater than any individual, yet we each have tremendous amounts of it. Like gravity, electricity or the atomic “strong force” within nuclei. Yes, the Power of Choice is our Greatest Power. Something Special! Unlike some other powers, the power of choice cannot be turned off. It can only be ON. If you elect not to decide an issue, you are using that Great Power. If you abuse your Greatest Power ten times or ten times ten thousand times, you still have the same enormous amount you started with. Your Greatest Power can’t be created or destroyed. You can use it, but never use it up. So What? Here’s the “so what”! Start thinking about the existence of your Greatest Power today. Start learning how to channel and control the greatest power you will ever know. You have the complete and final say about all that you decide. You can change nearly everything about you, the people around you and the World that we all live in. Writing by Lia Shapiro “As in a dream, anything at all is possible. So shall you think, so shall it be. It is a simple matter to think things into existence”. Decide, consciously, to decide! It is a simple matter. Create a clear mental picture of what you want to have happen next. Make sure it has temporal existence, or that you know what will happen when it arrives. Simple? Very! Can you do it? Absolutely. Your Creator gave you your Greatest Power. He also gives many examples of how and how NOT to use it. “Knock and it will be opened to you” and “ask and you will receive”, “seek and you will find”. But in every case, you must first decide. You must use your Greatest Power. You can choose to study and learn about The Creator, or not. You can decide to never to decide, but you just used it. You can’t NOT use your power. Or, you can decide to love those around you, or not. You can decide to talk, silently or audibly, to The Creator. Remember, He is timeless. He is with you every second of every day. He hears your laughter. He hears your cries. He knows everything about you. How you feel. What you fear and what you hope for. He inspired and commissioned that 66 love letters be written to guide you, to educate you. To teach you about Him, His Son and His Spirit. Miracles are done (past and present) to show you that He is here. The Creator built each cell in your body, in your brain, every hair. He created air to breath, water to drink, sun to keep you warm and gravity. Oh yes, gravity. With it we stand. With it the Sun and Moon hold their places. And with it, the seas rise and fall making life possible to live. The Creator. He stands at the door, waiting. Will we let Him in, into our hearts, into our hopes. That is a decision we must individually make. No one can make it for us. You have the power. The Greatest Power. The Creator continues providing all that life requires. His Eternal Hope is that we not be lost from Him. He made us for Himself, that we should want to be with Him throughout Eternity. Will we open the door?
Please hear my prayers Oh God, Creator, and know the depths of my soul. Strengthen my courage, that I decide YES.
Thank you God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Spirit. Amen.

Was this LIFE QUESTIONS – Issue #5 worth your time to read? I really do hope it is. Will you share it? Will you tell others of their Greatest Power? I pray YES. As a business owner, I have to make decisions many times every day. Some are trivial, others are SINK or SWIM issues. My wife, Pat, and I have been working together to serve others for more than four decades. Becoming fabulously wealthy was never our goal. Now well into our “golden” years, we see what we are taking to our next residence. It isn’t money. It isn’t furniture, or cars or my precious guns. It is the wealth in service and friendships we have laid up. We hope that what we believe has been seen by those we serve and those who call us “family” and friends. That’s our net worth. For several years we have added a simple message on the back of our business cards. It says, “We act on what we believe. I believe God is good all the time.” We are not professionals in the industry of faith. We are amateurs without formal training lacking Earthly leadership. God gave us a good and proper measure of our Greatest Power. Please feel free to hold us to His Standard that we try to follow. If you know what we believe, you can better predict how we will act. God’s Word teaches us, from the mouth of Jesus, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”[John 15:13].


TOM KUNKEL – President & GM – Access Security, Inc. & Access Monitoring, Inc.


This spring are you interested in having fun and saving money at the same time?

Today there are home improvements that save you money, give you peace of mind and make you smile.

Enjoying the spring?  When you are out having fun, would you like peace of mind, knowing your home and pets are protected AND that you are saving money?  You CAN save money while protecting the ones you love, your home and your personal property.

Something revolutionary is happening with the new technologies available to protect your home or business.  More features and savings are becoming available every day.   Monitored fire and intrusion protection has historically provided saving money on Home Owners Insurance policies.   Now the opportunity for savings is even greater.

The latest alarm systems bring continuous savings by controlling heating and cooling of your home or business.   Z-wave programming and smart-phone technology are the keys.  Using these technologies through your alarm control maximizes savings on environmental cost control year round.  It’s easy and convenient.

Z-wave also allows for many useful home automation features, remotely view multiple cameras on multiple  smart phones PLUS thermostat control, right in your hand, 24 hours a day from anywhere in the World.  Even get a TEXT or email messages about almost any activity happening in or around your home.   All this while your home is actively protected with the highest quality fire and intrusion equipment.  Saving money this way is smart AND fun.  Laugh all the way to the bank!

Concerned about your pets or if the children are home from school on time? . . . now checking is easier and more secure than ever.   Access information and video immediately from your smart phone.  Big BONUS, save energy dollars everyday.

Need more information . . . let us help you Feel Safe Again.

Call (360)330-1384 use the CONTACT here or email “


Tom Kunkel – March 21st 2017
Last post ended with “Next time we’ll examine how and why insurance companies grant substantial discount when monitored fire alarm systems are present and maintained.” I promise to get to that. Two things happened last week that compels me to change what I planned.
Last month a Centralia home was destroyed by fire. Five people were inside at the time of the fire. Three are in serious condition at Harborview Hospital Burn Unit in Seattle. Two were treated and released from Centralia Providence. Investigators are not yet able to determine the cause of the fire because the structure is unstable. It is unknown if smoke sensors were present.

One Day earlier last week a house fire in Glenoma Washington killed two senior citizens and one adult. Bodies were found in the bedroom, living room and hall. Authorities found that there were “no smoke sensors installed”.

Sad: Angry: Stupid: Disturbing: Anguished: Shameful:
These are just some of the emotions that come to mind about these terrible losses. Three DEATHS, three SERIOUS Burn Victims, two injured and two destroyed dwellings and lifetimes of personal property. All lost. Could the loss of life have been avoided? Or, could damages have been less? Answering these questions is frustrating and very sad. We sell Residential and Commercial Fire Alarm Systems. They are designed to do just “that” – prevent death and reduce damage to contents and structures. It’s exactly like winning against cancer. Early detection is key. Once discovered, positive options appear quickly. Monitoring your health is now routine. Benefits of routinely checking blood pressure and other vital signs is obvious. It’s all about early detection.

Fire detection and response is no different. Today’s fire alarm systems detect most fires very early in the burn. In fact, before “burning” actually takes place. In most cases, serious fires are preceded with “smoldering”. Smoldering happens before flames. Smoke sensors detect smoldering by-products in the air. Fire Alarm Systems react to this detection by sounding loud sirens, calling a Monitoring Central Station and dispatching the Fire Department. Central Station operators call inside the structure once the alarm is received. Using an Emergency Response Call List allows operators to also contact neighbors, friends or family. Response happens very quickly, hopefully during the early “smoldering phase”, so occupants don’t die without ever knowing there was a fire developing. The possibility of detection, alarm, response and dispatching help is what a Fire Alarm System is all about. Are they perfect? No. But they are the most effective way of countering the very real threat to loss of life in structure fires. These losses and all those that went before them, in the Nation, in the World, are completed. They can’t be undone. There is no “reset button”.

Who will be next? A better question is “what can I do to prevent being ‘next’?”. I beg anyone and everyone who will listen to answer this question when they see or hear about house and building fires. “Did they have a monitored Fire Alarm System?” I hope that question is shouted to the Four Winds, over and over, until people answer it for themselves with “yes”. If you live without a Monitored Smoke Alarm System, think about it. The cost of a good quality system, installed and monitored, will be just a few drops in the bucket compared to an undetected fire.

Alarm System owners and their homeowner insurance companies both save money. Next time I will examine how and why that works the way it does.

So WHY DON’T MONITORED FIRE SYSTEMS WORK ? Answer, if they are not installed and monitored, they just can’t work.

Your comments, ideas and questions are always welcome. Thank you for investing your time.

TOM KUNKEL – President & GM – Access Security, Inc. & Access Monitoring, Inc.

Smell it?
Hear it?

Smell it?
Hear it?