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For December and January looked like Southwest Washington was going to miss winter except for the rare white Christmas.

Now the crocuses, daffodils and tulips have started popping out of the ground and are now covered with snow    and trying to keep growing in sub-freezing conditions.

Those sub-freezing temperatures have us turning up our thermostats and supplementing our heat with electric heaters.  Definitely a time for caution that we don’t create an unnecessary fire hazard.

Honeywell alarm products have progressed to a whole new generation not only fire and burglary protections but diverse environmental control.  You can control lots of things in your home with your smart phone in hand and watch what is happening all with the click of a button.

Control your thermostat, turn on lights, see what is going on with in your home [watch your pets too!!] have remote entry/exit management . . . all in your hand whether you are across the street or around the world.

Stay safe as winter comes to a close.  Please watch for new blog posts as the season changes.  We look forward to the opportunity to be of service

Autumn is here

For those of us in Southwest Washington, the last few months have been dry and smoky with unprecedented high wild fire hazards.

We pray that you and your families are safe.

Although the weather, today, continues with summer heat, autumn is just around the corner. A great time to evaluate
If you have read the introduction to this blog within a minute – there have been 4 burglaries in the United States. Actually, the number is closer to five. Yet, we all sit back and think it will only happen to someone else.

At that rate, there are approximately two million burglaries in the United States each year – about two thirds are residential break-ins.
Insurance companies discount their rates to homeowners who have monitored burglary/fire alarm systems. The insurance companies factor that you are about three times more likely to be the victim of a burglary without a monitored alarm system.  Penny Wise?  Absolutely!  Compare the cost of a fire....or no fire!

We have shared in previous blogs – fire has no conscience – you can deter a burglar with an alarm system but fire doesn’t see any barriers.
As we prepare for the coming change in the weather, let’s evaluate our potential for hazards.  Have we cleaned our chimneys and fire places? As we put away fans and take out area heaters are they safely plugged in and place away from flammables? Have we checked our smoke detectors and have fire extinguishers that are current and ready/handy to use? Do we maintain a fire barrier outside our home and have combustibles safely stored?

The preparations in equipment and maintenance you make today, will be an investment in your family and home providing protection for fire or intrusion.
As a Honeywell centered company we are trained to provide the latest in fire and burglary detection equipment and service from simple to complex.  Whatever your needs.  We will work to earn your trust and exceed your expectations while protecting your investment in your family and home.

It is back to school time – join us in being aware of children, school buses and school zones – let’s help the children of our community have a safe school year.

Please contact us for suggestions and an evaluation on better preventing losses.

Want to “FEEL SAFE AGAIN”? [video]

In past posting I have talked about situational awareness and protection for your home or business from fire and intrusion. So often the people we meet who are looking for solutions have been victims. They want to “Feel Safe Again”. Is that still possible?

An old adage says “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. How true that is!  The victims we meet are angry and scared. They want to get even. Husbands fear for their wives. Parents worry about children’s safety. What they really seek are solutions THAT WORK.

SOLUTIONS THAT WORK: Is there cost for alarm monitoring and/or video surveillance? Yes. Do you need to learn how to make technology work for you, so reliable protection and reaction can provide that “Feel Safe Again” condition? These costs are the “ounce of prevention”. Peace of mind is the “pound of cure” along with both large and small savings. Savings like reduced Home Owner’s Insurance cost and the mega-cost of an unreported fire or carbon monoxide release. And what’s it worth to be able to check (by video on your smart phone) on your children or trusting pets? These are huge returns for your “ounce of prevention”.

What are these “pounds of prevention” worth? If you could go back in time to just before the BIG FIRE, Home Invasion, Burglary, Medical Emergency can you see that the outcome would have been very different with early detection, instant SIREN RESPONSE and immediate dispatch of local Fire, Police or Medical response? Yes is the only answer. “YES” happens with an ounce of prevention, thoughtfully applied before the problem. Absolutely YES!

Human nature leads us, our neighbors and family to think “it won’t happen to me”. Facts and reality paint a different picture. Insurance Companies are in business, betting with the odds, just to provide protection AFTER THE FACT. So, why do Insurance Companies offer substantial discounts to people and businesses who protect themselves from potential losses? Because their insured losses are reduced by more than the discount they offer. They know, absolutely, that fires WILL happen and that homes WILL be broken into and that people WILL need Medical Services. They don’t know who, when or where. So take protective action before the BIG EVENT – don’t become a victim.

Such a precious journey we walk with the ones we love. What can you do as a homeowner, parent or grandparent to protect your family?  What can you do for your business? Not just to protect the assets and inventory but what of the people you employ? Ultimately, personnel is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Protecting not only the person, but the opportunity, and a good employee’s ever-increasing value is smart business.

What happens next? That’s up to you – it is your choice! And, choice is your greatest power. This website has information and we are available to provide you with information for what will work for you . . . no obligation, or cost, but information. Knowledge is power – choose to step into that power whether it benefits our home or business.

Your thoughts and comments appreciated – until next time . . . Pat

.…everything but the smell….don’t let this happen to your loved ones!


Summer is officially here –

Here in Southwest Washington we have had hints of summer during late spring . . . a time of outdoor fun, but also an opportunity for intruders.  We leave our windows open for the cooling breeze and at the same time put out the welcome mat for unwanted visitors.

Honeywell alarm systems now allow you advance control – including the traditional system features that reports fire or intrusion – the latest Lyric Gateway panels allow you not only alarm protection but serve as a central hub.   Use it for your lifestyle management to control your lights, locks, thermostats and more.  Thermostats, used properly, will pay for themselves and all the Lyric equipment by saving valuable energy.  The system is simple but flexible.

Discovering and reporting fire at the earliest stage is the next best thing to preventing it altogether.

Smell it?
Hear it?

Plug and play computer technology is long established and now Honeywell has brought it to the world of alarm controls to enhance the situational awareness  you need for practical protection and peace of mind.

The Lyric family offers heating control, water leak detection, fire and security.   All of which can be controlled remotely using the Lyric app. The app knows when you’re home or away [geofencing technology].   Control your Lyric devices from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.  Lyric & Gateway = easiest & smartest way to save money while protecting your  home or small business.
Enjoy your summer – let us help you with your security, lifestyle management, peace of mind and fire protection.

Until next time.






This spring are you interested in having fun and saving money at the same time?

Today there are home improvements that save you money, give you peace of mind and make you smile.

Enjoying the spring?  When you are out having fun, would you like peace of mind, knowing your home and pets are protected AND that you are saving money?  You CAN save money while protecting the ones you love, your home and your personal property.

Something revolutionary is happening with the new technologies available to protect your home or business.  More features and savings are becoming available every day.   Monitored fire and intrusion protection has historically provided saving money on Home Owners Insurance policies.   Now the opportunity for savings is even greater.

The latest alarm systems bring continuous savings by controlling heating and cooling of your home or business.   Z-wave programming and smart-phone technology are the keys.  Using these technologies through your alarm control maximizes savings on environmental cost control year round.  It’s easy and convenient.

Z-wave also allows for many useful home automation features, remotely view multiple cameras on multiple  smart phones PLUS thermostat control, right in your hand, 24 hours a day from anywhere in the World.  Even get a TEXT or email messages about almost any activity happening in or around your home.   All this while your home is actively protected with the highest quality fire and intrusion equipment.  Saving money this way is smart AND fun.  Laugh all the way to the bank!

Concerned about your pets or if the children are home from school on time? . . . now checking is easier and more secure than ever.   Access information and video immediately from your smart phone.  Big BONUS, save energy dollars everyday.

Need more information . . . let us help you Feel Safe Again.

Call (360)330-1384 use the CONTACT here or email “

The Promise of Spring – 2017

Greetings from Southwest Washington where this winter has provided lots of opportunities to hibernate through snow and shorter days.

Spring is almost upon us – a time to clean-up and repair after winter storms and spruce up for the coming warmer months.

In past postings, I have encouraged situational awareness – mostly for protecting homes and businesses from the devastation of unreported fire. Sadly, the Lewis County Area has experienced a number of serious fires in recent weeks . . . none more difficult than where 3 lives were lost . . . another, with injuries, required transport to a trauma center and other homes uninhabitable and a business fire. The operative question is could these have had a different outcome with monitored smoke alarms?

As our thoughts turn to spring, let’s make our homes and businesses less likely to suffer loss from fires. While focusing on situational awareness, let’s also be looking at making our homes and businesses less likely to be victims of intrusion or vandalism. Retired Lewis County Sheriff, Bill Logan, says, “property crime is a crime of opportunity”.

As you dig into spring cleaning chores, are your buildings free of debris or things that provide hiding places for someone looking for unlawful access?

Whether for fire mitigation or deterring the “bad guys” – keep yards picked up – facilities that look well attended help deter intrusion.

If you are going to be gone, make sure mail or newspapers aren’t piling up announcing your absence.

Do you network with your neighbors? Knowing and working with your neighbors not only encourages the sense of community but helps us all work together when there is a crisis. An advantage of a monitored alarm system for fire and/or intrusion is the communication network that is part of the service. After dispatching the Fire Department or Police, Central Station Operators call your Emergency Contact List “automatically” and without fail. Most cities or counties offer assistance in setting up Neighborhood Watch Programs that include prominent street signs and help with organizational meetings.

Home security/fire systems are no longer just “alarm systems” – there are many added conveniences available. Control your thermostat, or your door locks or garage/shop doors from your smart phone or computer. Very popular features today are Security System Cameras that allow “looking” inside your home or yard. Dogs and cats are members of the family too. Seeing that they are safe, especially in an emergency is a very effective benefit from growing technology. For business, controlling access and having environmental controls can save precious capital dollars. When isn’t it a good idea to save money?

There is no a way to put a price on “Peace of Mind” . . . Whether in your home or business, there are threats. Working as individuals, business and communities we can be situational aware and take action before we become victims.

We look forward to serving our communities in Southwest Washington State. Our business is based on helping homeowners and businesses lower risk and enhance peace of mind.

We appreciate the referrals, here, on our site from those we serve . . . we are humbled and grateful to try and not only meet but exceed their expectations. We are richly blessed by the trust our clients place in our equipment, monitoring and service.

Thank you for your time – comments and ideas welcome – until next time

Fire Awareness

When we met a few weeks ago, in my first blog posting, I shared that one of the focuses of our business is providing people situational awareness – whether in their homes or business.


As we experience the winter months the potential for fire while combating the cold, at your home or business, is increased.

When was the last time you really looked at where you live or work for fire hazards?? . . . we often get so used to our day to day circumstances that we accept, without thinking, the oily rags on the garage floor – or the stack of newspapers in the laundry room or the cardboard, in the shop, waiting for the recycler.


Starting points for home and business fire prevention awareness:


*Know how to contact your local fire department

*Replace frayed cords and do not place wires under rugs

*Install ground fault circuit interrupter outlets especially near sources of water

*Never leave candles unattended    *   Keep fireplaces/chimneys clean and cover with a screen

*Keep space heaters out of walking paths and away from combustibles

*Unplug appliances when not in use  *  Never leave the stove or oven unattended

*Have a fire exit plan with at least two escape options, a place to meet safely outside, and practice.

*Have and maintain smoke sensors in all areas of the building  * Have and maintain carbon monoxide sensors


In your area of influence  or home or work . . . find all the things you can do to eliminate fire risks . . . it will be a blessing not only to you family and friends but those you don’t yet know.

Remember, that a monitored alarm system with smoke sensors will minimize injury and property loss by bringing the Fire department, at the earliest possible time, in the event of smoke and fire.


Do you have ideas to share? . . . your input might be a key in preventing a fire – it will be one less family that faces heartache and tragedy.

The Joy of Service

Hi . . . I am Pat Kunkel.


Welcome to our new site . . . we are looking to exceed our customers’ expectations each and every day.

I have been with Access Security since the start . . . what a privilege to meet so many people and be of service!   My contribution, in the business, is administration and customer advocacy.

Sadly, we meet lots of people after they have had a fire or burglary  and always wish we could have been of service before a member of our community had a loss

We employ many technologies to enhance the situational awareness of those we serve throughout Southwest Washington.  We know that each situation needs its own solution.  We customize service and equipment for each patron we serve.

Our goal is to serve each customer with personal service specific to their needs.    I look forward to sharing ideas and tips I have learned over time.  They will focus on the old adage “of an ounce of prevention”

Appreciate the time you invested with me today!