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Change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same forever, except God’s Love.
In the next few weeks we will be asking all of our Security Monitoring Clients to approve a new, simplified, Service Agreement. This is something that we have been avoiding for years. Our business model is built on trust and service, not legalese. However, times “they are a changing”. The new simplified Service Agreement contains our “legal” obligations to our Central Station clients and theirs to us. The new agreement is what’s new. The “Something Old” is the unchanged policy that allows any client, to cancel service at any time and for any reason. The cancellation clause will be boldly identified and placed near the bottom of the agreement. The agreement may have an automatic continuance or renewing clause, but the client’s right to cancel will be there and we will honor it. One of the people who many of you know from our founding back in 1998 is my son, Cliff Kunkel. Blessed fathers with sons who share the dream and do the heavy lifting of starting businesses are, indeed, blessed. That’s me. A really blessed father. I’m also a blessed husband of 43 years with my beautiful wife, Pat Kunkel, our Office Manager. We have continuously shared the dream and work of these businesses in Washington State since 1976. My blessings don’t end at the family edge. Four years ago I was blessed with the opportunity of working with Patrick Miess. Patrick has a really nice mother and father. Otherwise, if possible, Pat and I would be trying to buy him for ourselves. Many of you have had the opportunity to meet Patrick. If you haven’t, I hope you do. Being an Eagle Scout says a lot about Patrick’s values. But a wonderful combination of having intelligence, work ethic, uncommon common sense and shared faith, added to the Eagle Scout and Faith Leader give clarity to the person and values Patrick brings to work every day. Many of you are served by our Admin Assistant, Mary. Heading into her sixth year with us, Mary continues to shine. In all our years, we have never had her equal in terms of honesty, dependability and trustworthiness. Those qualities, honesty, dependability and trustworthiness are what is so rare and important today. We are blessed with our seasoned, dedicated staff. Now we have a new trainee, Cody, working with Patrick. Look for him. He too is a person of very high integrity. I’m opening up, publicly, our staff for a reason. All of us will be involved in the introduction and processing of the New Service Agreement. When it is finished and ready for distribution, you will be contacted for best (easiest) delivery and approval. Cliff Kunkel has a lot of experience dealing with just this sort of process electronically. The rest of us will make delivery as needed including here at the office (fresh coffee), at your residence or, if commercial, where our service is received or by US Mail. Whatever works.

Now back to the blessings one more time. Words cannot describe how much the trust our clients place in us means. Taking care of the business opportunities and responsibilities, well, that’s business. However, when we think of what that means, that we are trusted with so much, so much that is really important, things and people that cannot be replaced, that we help people Feel Safe Again, we are truly humbled! Thank each and everyone of you for that trust. Our combined pledge is to never violate that trust. Never fail to meet or exceed your expectations. We give thanks to The Creator for all the grace he showers on us. We do pray for those we serve. Thank you for that privilege.

Tom Kunkel – GM

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I am one very blessed soul. Life is good, business is great and the people we serve are fantastic. Why am I here? What is my purpose? On the back of my business card is "We act on what we believe. I believe that God is good all the time". Yes, I am blessed. Blessed with a wonderful wife, children, grand children, staff and fantastic customers to serve. I live in the United States of America, land of the FREE and home of the Brave. Born in Illinois, raised there with Mid-Western values, moved to California, joined the US Navy and learned discipline. Moved to Washington State in 1976 and to Lewis County in 1989. I'm the President and Janitor of the company: Access Security, Inc. & Access Monitoring, Inc. Next cake will have 76 candles. It just doesn't get any better. Praise God!