The Joy of Service

Hi . . . I am Pat Kunkel.


Welcome to our new site . . . we are looking to exceed our customers’ expectations each and every day.

I have been with Access Security since the start . . . what a privilege to meet so many people and be of service!   My contribution, in the business, is administration and customer advocacy.

Sadly, we meet lots of people after they have had a fire or burglary  and always wish we could have been of service before a member of our community had a loss

We employ many technologies to enhance the situational awareness of those we serve throughout Southwest Washington.  We know that each situation needs its own solution.  We customize service and equipment for each patron we serve.

Our goal is to serve each customer with personal service specific to their needs.    I look forward to sharing ideas and tips I have learned over time.  They will focus on the old adage “of an ounce of prevention”

Appreciate the time you invested with me today!