The Promise of Spring – 2017

Greetings from Southwest Washington where this winter has provided lots of opportunities to hibernate through snow and shorter days.

Spring is almost upon us – a time to clean-up and repair after winter storms and spruce up for the coming warmer months.

In past postings, I have encouraged situational awareness – mostly for protecting homes and businesses from the devastation of unreported fire. Sadly, the Lewis County Area has experienced a number of serious fires in recent weeks . . . none more difficult than where 3 lives were lost . . . another, with injuries, required transport to a trauma center and other homes uninhabitable and a business fire. The operative question is could these have had a different outcome with monitored smoke alarms?

As our thoughts turn to spring, let’s make our homes and businesses less likely to suffer loss from fires. While focusing on situational awareness, let’s also be looking at making our homes and businesses less likely to be victims of intrusion or vandalism. Retired Lewis County Sheriff, Bill Logan, says, “property crime is a crime of opportunity”.

As you dig into spring cleaning chores, are your buildings free of debris or things that provide hiding places for someone looking for unlawful access?

Whether for fire mitigation or deterring the “bad guys” – keep yards picked up – facilities that look well attended help deter intrusion.

If you are going to be gone, make sure mail or newspapers aren’t piling up announcing your absence.

Do you network with your neighbors? Knowing and working with your neighbors not only encourages the sense of community but helps us all work together when there is a crisis. An advantage of a monitored alarm system for fire and/or intrusion is the communication network that is part of the service. After dispatching the Fire Department or Police, Central Station Operators call your Emergency Contact List “automatically” and without fail. Most cities or counties offer assistance in setting up Neighborhood Watch Programs that include prominent street signs and help with organizational meetings.

Home security/fire systems are no longer just “alarm systems” – there are many added conveniences available. Control your thermostat, or your door locks or garage/shop doors from your smart phone or computer. Very popular features today are Security System Cameras that allow “looking” inside your home or yard. Dogs and cats are members of the family too. Seeing that they are safe, especially in an emergency is a very effective benefit from growing technology. For business, controlling access and having environmental controls can save precious capital dollars. When isn’t it a good idea to save money?

There is no a way to put a price on “Peace of Mind” . . . Whether in your home or business, there are threats. Working as individuals, business and communities we can be situational aware and take action before we become victims.

We look forward to serving our communities in Southwest Washington State. Our business is based on helping homeowners and businesses lower risk and enhance peace of mind.

We appreciate the referrals, here, on our site from those we serve . . . we are humbled and grateful to try and not only meet but exceed their expectations. We are richly blessed by the trust our clients place in our equipment, monitoring and service.

Thank you for your time – comments and ideas welcome – until next time