For December and January looked like Southwest Washington was going to miss winter except for the rare white Christmas.

Now the crocuses, daffodils and tulips have started popping out of the ground and are now covered with snow    and trying to keep growing in sub-freezing conditions.

Those sub-freezing temperatures have us turning up our thermostats and supplementing our heat with electric heaters.  Definitely a time for caution that we don’t create an unnecessary fire hazard.

Honeywell alarm products have progressed to a whole new generation not only fire and burglary protections but diverse environmental control.  You can control lots of things in your home with your smart phone in hand and watch what is happening all with the click of a button.

Control your thermostat, turn on lights, see what is going on with in your home [watch your pets too!!] have remote entry/exit management . . . all in your hand whether you are across the street or around the world.

Stay safe as winter comes to a close.  Please watch for new blog posts as the season changes.  We look forward to the opportunity to be of service